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Beddegama eco

Refined by Nature.

Here in “Beddegama ECO”, treasure of nature enable the souls to enjoy an authentic ecological experience bound with the real time life style of a rural village located in deep down south of Sri Lanka. Short & simple drive through the expressway, now this beautiful nature bound location, Beddegema ECO can be reached easily from the major airports as well as the capital cities

This beautiful human-made eco-chic resort is surrounded by undisturbed natural green levitation for about a thousand years and embraces you with its tropical floral breeze. Indigenous plant, animal species, including birds, a variety of mammals, including the Sri Lankan elephant, are incredible vistas while you worth staying with us.

Wellness activities

  • Cycling

    You can experience wildlife without loud motor sounds while romping around the countryside by cycles.

  • Hiking

    Unpack your luggage and foot into this awaiting gorgeous heavenly mountain “Wedihiti Kanda," which is few miles away from your stay.

  • In to the village

    Traditional Sri Lankan lifestyles consisted of watch houses at the top of the trees. Nonetheless, these modern tree houses give you the rural Sri Lankan cultural experience with luxury stays at a treetop.

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